Our history

The Department of Information Systems and Technologies IST of the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science was created on the basis of the departments: Automation and Control in Technical Systems, Technical Cybernetics, Department of Computer-Aided Management and Data Processing Systems. In connection with changes in the organizational structure of the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Engineering from 01.07.2021 was reorganized Department of Technical Cybernetics, Department of Computer-Aided Management and Data Processing Systems, Department of Automation and Control in Technical Systems of the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Engineering by termination and created on them base of the Department of Information Systems and Technologies and the Department of Informatics and Software Engineering (НУ37 from 31.12.2020).

Acting head of the department is entrusted to the head of the department of Automation and Control in Technical Systems Oleksandr Rolik (НУ14 from 29.01.2021)

History of the ACTS department began in 1945, when the department of “relay and automatics” was founded. In 1963, it was called “Automation and Remote Control,” and in 1988 – “Automation and Control in Technical Systems” (ACTS). Department of “relay and automatics” submerged from the department of central power plants for training specialists in electrical and telemechanical devices.

Throughout its existence the department has been developing in an educational and scientific areas, learning more and more difficult scientific and technological progress achievements in the field of technical systems control.

In addition to the basic activity – training specialists in the industry, the department carried out a significant methodological and scientific work. The department has worked closely with enterprises and institutions, accomplishing significant amounts of household work. Department of “Relay and automatics” was founded at the KPI in august 23, 1945 as part of the electrics and energetics department (order # 2193K of union commission on the rights of Higher Schools by the RNC of the USSR).

Founder of the department is professor Greben Yosiph Ilyich (1897-1973), graduated from the KPI in 1925, associate professor in 1930 and in 1932 professor and head of the department of electric power stations, since 1945 till 1966 head of the department of automation.

Heads of department and the terms of their tenure:
Greben Yosiph Ilyich – head of the department in 1945-1966 yy.
Katkov a. Fyodor – head of the department in 1966-1983 yy.
Krasnoproshina a. aida – head of the department in 1983-2000 yy.
Telenik F. Sergey – head of the department since 2001 till present time.

The department trains specialists in the following specialties:
1945-1958 – “automated and telemechanic devices “;
1959-1988 – “automation and Remote Control”;
1989-1994 – “computerized automatic control system”;
1995 – to date – “Control and automation systems”;
1995-2006 – “Control and automation systems”;
2006-2016 – “System Engineering”, “Software Engineering”;
2016-2019 – “Automation and computer-integrated technologies”;
2017-2021 – “Information systems and technologies”, “Software engineering”.

In over 75 years of its existence the department has produced about 8000 professionals.

Pedagogical schools of the department:

Professor I. Greben

  • Establishment period 1945-1968.
  • Main concept: theory and means for technological processes control.

Professor F. Katkov

  • Establishment period 1963-1983.
  • The main concept: the elements and systems for remote control.

Professor A. Krasnoproshina

  • Establishment period: 1983-1997.
  • Main concept: theory and systems for control. Creates a new specialization: information processes management.

Professor H. Serdiuk

  • Establishment period 1971-1999.
  • Main concept: technical diagnostics and reliability of electronic devices.

Professor Y. Zhurakovskii

  • Establishment period 1981-2000 yy.
  • Main concept: theory and means of processing and transmitting information, creates a new specialty: the local computerized systems for processing and transmitting information.

Professor S. Telenik

  • Establishment period 2001-2018.
  • Main concept: IT infrastructure management.

To create a specialty 126 Information Systems and Technologies (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 53 of February 1, 2017) a lot of effort was made by the head of the Department of ACTS until 2018, and now the dean of FICT S. Telenyk. The idea of ​​creating 126 specialties was supported at that time by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Education L. Hrynevych. As FICT has launched three EP within 126 specialties, the developers of these EP worked closely to avoid shortcomings and develop the competitive features of each program. During a visit to the United States in 2014 by the then head of the Department of ACTS S. Telenik and Professor O. Rolik, the current head of the ACTS, a series of meetings were held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The visit was facilitated by the department’s partner – NetCracker. The issues that came in handy during the work on the EP were discussed, the experience of training in related courses was studied.

The needs of the economy formed the scientific interests of the members of the department in the development of computer science – the science that studies the processes of information transmission and processing in technical systems. In addition, in connection with the general need to use computer technology in the field of automation the department trained specialists(Prof. Samofalov K., et al), which created a new department of computing technique(1960).In the process of development of automation devices and systems it was necessary to create entirely new mechanical systems – control systems: department yet again prepared specialists (Prof. Kostyuk V.I., etc.), who founded the department of Technical Cybernetics (1969).

Department of Technical Cybernetics of NTUU “KPI” was created in 1969 in order to organize the first training center for specialists in Automated Control Systems in Ukraine. Vsevolod Ivanovich Kostyuk, a graduate of Department of Automation and telecontrol of KPI in 1954, headed the department. The Department has begun training of system engineers by specialty “Automated Control Systems” (ACS) since the first year of existence. First accelerated graduation of engineers by specialty ASC (23 pers.) was in 1973. There were more than a thousand specialists totally graduated in ACS in different forms of training. In 1978 new department “Automated production control systems” was separated from TC department.

Along with the formulation of new theoretical courses, publication of textbooks for the specialty ASC laboratory facilities with a wide usage of computers for modeling, optimization, computer-aided design, data processing and management was created. Training course “Optimal and adaptive system” (firstly taught by V.I. Kostyuk in 1969-1970) has been constantly improving based on research results. These results are reflected in a series of monographs, awarded a prize KPI in 1975. (by V.I. Kostyuk, A.G. Kiku, V.E. Kraskevych, A.M. Silvestrov, S.V. Shpit).

Educational materials for this course were created by V.I. Kostyuk, V.M. Kyrychkov, O.A. Stenin, V.N. Ignatenko. Universal laboratory stands for the course “Theory of automatic control” and guidance for them, were created by Shpit S.V. They were exhibited at the international, union and republican exhibitions and awarded with medals and diplomas.

Since 1979 the Department of TC began training students in a new direction – in “Robotic Systems” for the first time in Ukraine, and since 1980 based on this specialty “Robotic systems in machinery and equipment”, “Control RTS” have been introduced as new specializations. In 1981 the first admission of specialty “Robotic Systems” has been held.

Since 1984 37 monographs, textbooks and training manuals on Robotics has been released (authors: V.I. Kostyuk, Yampolsky L.S., Calin O.M, Tkach M.M, Polishchuk M.M. and others). A series of textbooks on Robotics, created by V.I. Kostyuk, L. Yampolsky, M. Polishchuk, M. Tkach was awarded with the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology in 1996. V.I. Kostyuk and V.S. Nedavniy awarded with the first prize, the second prize – G.A. Kozlakova at USSR Ministry of Higher Education competition of textbooks for self-study courses in Ukrainian. A computer textbook “Theory of automatic control” was prepared by Shpit S.V. for the 100th anniversary of NTU KPI.

Since 1994, the Department of TC has been trains bachelors, masters and specialists in the area “Computer aided systems, automation and control” by specialties “Computer aided integrated systems and robotics” and “Intelligent Integrated Systems”, and since 1997 admission of students in specialty “Flexible computer aided systems and robotics” has begun.

Since 2007, the Department of TC began training and graduation of specialists in a new area of ​​training “Systems Engineering” specialty “Flexible computerized systems and robotics”, and since 2011 – specialties “Computerized and robotic systems”.

Since 2017, the department currently has been trains and graduates specialists in the specialties 121 “Software Engineering” (educational program “Software Engineering of Computer Systems”) and 126 “Information Systems and Technologies” (educational program “Information Support of Robotic Systems”). ) bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as admission to graduate school (doctor of philosophy level) in the specialty 121 “Software Engineering”.

The CAMDPS department dates back to 1978, when it was founded Department of Automated Production Management Systems (APMS) was established on July 1, 1978 by the order of Ministry of Education of the USSR in May 19, 1978 № 156 (the order of Rector of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute number 80 -“1″ in June 16, 1978) for system engineers at speciality 2202 ” Computer-Aided management and data processing systems. Head of the department – professor Pavlov O.A.

Since 1987 at the SCB MMS of the V. M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (now it is the Institute of Problems of Mathematical Machines and Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) branch of the department operates, which has considerable scientific potential and modern computing devices.

According to the rector’s order № 1-161 from September 19, 1992 APMS department was renamed to the Department of Computer-Aided Management and Data Processing Systems (CAMDPS).

Since 1993-1994 academic year CAMDPS Department has been training students at “Bachelor degree and Specialist degree” system. Bachelor academic program in 1993-1994 academic year was 6.0804 “Computer Information Technologies”.

Since 1994-1995 academic year bachelor academic program is 6.0804 “Computer Science”.

Since 1995-1996 academic year code name and specialty have changed to 7.080401 “Computer-aided information processing and management systems”. In June 1996 there was the first issue of bachelors according “Computer Science” academic program.

Since 1997-1998 academic year there is three-graded “bachelor – specialist – master” system of train specialists. Since 1997-1998 academic year masters training is realized according 8.080401 “Computer-aided Information Processing and Management Systems” speciality. In June, 1998 there was first issue of masters according 8.080401 “Computer-aided Information Processing and Management Systems” speciality.

In the 1998-1999 academic year speciality has changed the name to “Information management systems and technologies”. That’s why since 1998-1999 academic year masters been training is realized according 8.080401 “Information management systems and technologies” speciality.

Agreement was signed between an educational-scientific complex of the “Informatics and management Center” of NTUU “KPI, one of subdivisions of which is Informatics and computer engineering faculty, and the V. M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the NAS of Ukraine about common participation in scientific and educational activities. In December, 2000 by the joint order of the rector of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnical Institute” and director of V. M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine branch of the “Computer-Aided Information Processing and Management Systems” department of Informatics and computer engineering faculty of NTUU “KPI” was established within V. M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics. Academician-secretary of Computer Science Division of NAS of Ukraine, V. M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics director Sergienko I.V. was appointed as a head of branch of the CAMPDS Department.

2009-2010 academic year, the department also trains specialists in the field of “Software Engineering”. Since 2017, the CAMDPS department has been training bachelors and masters in the specialties 121 “Software Engineering” and 126 “Information Systems and Technologies”.

More than 2600 specialists were trained by our department during its whole operating term. Citizens from Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Ghana, Guinea, India, Iran, Lebanon, Cameroon, China, Kuwait, Palestine, Peru , Poland, Syria, Tanzania and others as a students studied (or continue to study) at our department.

At the department postgraduate and doctoral studies operates. For the whole term of department’s operating 8 doctoral thesises and 60 Ph.D. thesises were defended.