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Research fields

The most important problem in the creation of computerized control systems is the construction of the information process and its individual phases, which allow you to automate it based on modern software and hardware. When you automate any process it is desirable to know the mathematical model. If the mathematical model for the processes such as the transfer of information is largely developed, system models for other phases of the transformation are not yet available, and only automation of certain procedures may be talked about.

The department carries out research and development quite actively in different directions.


Scientific labs

The IST department is equipped with modern equipment. Each student has the opportunity to work independently at a certain time in the laboratories and display classes of the department on personal computers connected by a local area network, which allows him to comprehensively study the latest advances in information technology, gives the opportunity to work in the global computer network Internet


Scientific developments

National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” has always held a leading position in the scientific world. Within the walls of this institution the atmosphere calling to learn the new things and discoveries in science has always dominated. Student youth studying at the IST department is also not devoid of this kind of inspiration.


Scientific papers

National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” has always held a leading place in scientific world. Atmosphere yearning for learning new things and new inventions in scientific world has always reigned in walls of this university. IST Department teaching staff have significant scientific developments.


Scientific research Institute of Informational Processes

The main role of information technology (IT) – IT replace human effort:
– They automate tasks and processes, including manufacturing;
– IT enhance human actions: they informate tasks and processes, support the analysis, interpretation, presentation of data to support decision making in business;
– IT restructure business processes. Without a sound scientific research in this area there may not be any effective specialist training, that’s why in the laboratories of the IST Department and created Research Institute of Information Processes.


Student research

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