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Our laboratories

The department is equipped with modern appliances for studies and research work.

In eleven specialized training labs and computer classes each student has the ability to work independently at a particular time at the modern personal computers, integrated into local area network, which allows them to fully explore the latest developments in information technology, provides the opportunity to work in the World Wide Web.

Department local network uses the most modern software from world’s leading firms: OS Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Novell Netware, RDBMS Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Office, MicroCaP, MatLab, PCaD, OrCaD, Electronics Workbench, Turbo assembler, Java, C/C++, C#, HTML,CSS, JS, Rational Rose, LabVIEW, ISaGRaF,. NET and J2EE, Megapolis, 1C, Parus, simulators and design tools for a variety of microprocessors and microcontrollers (PROTEUS, aVR STUDIO, etc.), automation controllers (MicroWIN, STEP 7, WinCC, aLFa, TraceMode).

The fundamental position of the department lies in the fact that without any scientific work it is impossible to prepare a good specialist. During the training students are engaged in research work at a research institute of information processes, established and operating at the department.

all the laboratories of the department have been modernized over the past 5 years with the help of leading Ukrainian and foreign companies:
1. NetCracker – the world leader in the area of communication operators operational support systems development (OSS);
2. Cisco – the world leader in the development of equipment and technologies for computer systems (70% of this segment of the market);
3. Sun Microsystems – the world leader in the development of computer technique and information technology;
4. PortaOne – Canadian-Ukrainian company, known developer of equipment and technologies of voice communications (VoIP) and IP-telephony operator;
5. Siemens.
6.  National Instruments;
7. BTR;
8. INCOM – the leading Ukrainian developer and integrator in the field of information and telecommunication technologies;
9.  PRIOCOM – the leading Ukrainian developer of telecommunication systems and networks;
10. BMS-Consulting – leading Ukrainian developer of information management systems and software;

533 – “Teaching and Research Laboratory of data systems and telecommunications”

525 – “Laboratory of converged networks technologies”

531 – “Multimedia Class of Foreign Languages”

534 – “Computer Class”

521 – “Teaching and research laboratory of telecommunication systems and networks  modelling ”

309 – “Scientific and educational laboratory of computerized control systems”

310 – “Educational scientific laboratory of industrial automation means”

517 – “Learning laboratory of microprocessor techniques and electronics”

518 – “Learning laboratory on computerized control systems elements and devices”

434 – “Teaching and research laboratory on information security in information and telecommunication systems”

In these laboratories the first half of the day students are engaged in scheduled training sessions, and in the afternoon there’s an ability to learn the according modern technologies in telecommunications, informatics, software and administration. Upon completion of training the students are granted the opportunity to train in these companies, followed by employment, first under the temporary and, later, full employment.